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Ten of The World's Top Cocktail Influencers

(in alphabetical order)

You are encouraged to follow each of them to experience it for yourself.

And please share others you find who we should consider for this list.

You know it when you experience it. Influence.

It may be something your bartender described to you about a new cocktail or why you might want to try this brand over that brand.

That special insight becomes influence when it causes you to order it, describe what you like about it and suggest it to others.

In today’s digital first world, real people sharing their thoughts, opinions and recommendations is what can make or break a business, a product or even a reputation.

When it comes to cocktails, the best people to follow to discover new taste experiences and learn about spirits brands, ingredients or recipes are those who spend their days and nights creating them: bartenders.

Are you ready to see how you rank as a cocktail influencer?

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Like a great cocktail, becoming a great cocktail influencer requires combining just enough of one element and not too much of another.  While gorgeous drink images get all the attention, knowing how to produce a story, choose hashtags that will put your post into the highest volume and most relevant conversations is critical.  As is adding the right dash of personality, actionable information and being ever so careful not to hard sell anything to anyone.

Most of all, as you may have picked up from the Ten Top list, the real skill is in building trust, respect and a loyal and active audience of existing or prospective customers.  In social parlance, it is all about engagement.  How many people responding by clicking to view, liking, sharing or commenting will be moved to purchase.

That’s not something that comes easily.  It’s also something that brands are starting to realize is much more important than how many followers you have. It’s more important to have the right followers, and that you keep them engaged and eager to act on your influence!

We are developing interactive video learning to help you

You don’t know what you don’t know.  That’s kind of a snarky way to make an important point. Those of us who have achieved success in life, career and, yes, on social media, can always learn more, do more and be more.


We’re mixing up some nifty video courses, featuring real bartenders with real influence, paired with social marketing gurus to make it fun, easy and memorable to learn to create real customer experiences, share defining brand anecdotes and raise the bar to reach, engage and become a Verified Cocktail Influencer.


How you can profit from what we are offering for free

Cocktail Influence will help distillers, brands and distributors put opportunities in front of our community of participating and verified cocktail influencers.



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